Stuff we don’t get: Chevrolet Cruze wagon

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Yes, Chevrolet offers a wagon version of the Cruze in many other markets.
But not in the US.
Even though GM suits claim they wish they had a wagon here.

I think it looks fine, and would do great against the VW Jetta Sportwagen. Especially with the diesel.

Since Chevrolet won’t be selling cars in Europe anymore, and the Cruze is due for a redesign next year, maybe we’ll get the next generation here.

What do you think?

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  1. Canada opted for the pathetic and feeble Orlando crossover over this? So GM will continue to let the TDI Golf wagon/Jetta Sportwagen wear the wagon crown. Bravo GM, bravo.

  2. They should offer a Cruze or a Malibu Wagon, or at least a new HHR (way to let that one wither and die, GM). But GM won't. Why? They quit LEADING nearly 40 years ago.

    BTW, is that ball photoshopped in? It wouldn't surprise me.


  3. That's probably the nicest looking version of the Cruze. Too bad it's not available here in the States.

    I also think that the wagon version of Hyundai's current i30 looks sharp and would make a cool new Elantra Touring, but we won't see that here in the States either.

  4. I love this and would have one if they made it here. They were brain dead to have only one variant here. We should have the hatch, wagon, and a coupe!

  5. Having the terrible HHR over this in the lineup is just poor management decisions which was the worst driving and cheapest interior rental car I'd ever received. This Cruz wagon just needs some upgraded trims and a ticket to the US. Chevy needs to get smart about the product extensions and diversifying its lineup. This, yes. HHR, no. The ugly new Colorado, no. No refresh on the Volt, no.

  6. There are things that people say they want, and then there are the things that people actually purchase. If I'm going to be honest about this car, it's not a very good looking wagon. Wagons can be styled in a really sporty and/or a really smart way. This is dowdy, about as dowdy as the Jetta wagon. People who purchase them would probably love them, but I don't truly believe that it would sell in meaningful numbers to justify offering it in the US.

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