The confusing VW Passat Bluemotion Concept

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Confusing because “Bluemotion” is mostly used for their diesel models.
But this is not a diesel.
It is a regular US Passat using a smaller 1.4 Liter gas engine with 150HP to achieve 42 MPG HWY.
So it is really nothing new: a smaller engine will get better mileage.

Also confusing because they already offer the TDI with the same MPG rating. (Although the TDI always gets at least 50MPG HWY)

Again confusing because they just replaced the base engine in the Passat with the new 1.8 Liter with 170hp.

And wouldn’t this smaller engine be better in the smaller Jetta? 150ph from a small Turbo engine doesn’t seem that bad for a base engine in the Jetta.

And where is the Hybrid system from the Jetta? It would work great in the Passat.

It’s just all weird and doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Feels like it’s coming from a very confused company with no real organized plan for the future.

On anther note, after seeing all these pictures of the new Chrysler 200, the Passat looks so old.
(That interior is the worse.) 

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  1. I know that I'm going against the grain here, but I think this is a really smart looking car in person. A thousand times better looking than the awful Camry. More stately than the lo-rent styled Altima. Larger than both. The main problem I have with the current Passat is that it is a US only model. So there's little German-ness to it.

  2. I'm not a fan of all the really passe 'alien ware' look interiors that companies like (and expecially) Ford were pushing over the last 5 years. Simpler is better, but it can also be elegant. VW interiors are simple to the point of looking bargain-basement… even if the materials are nice. Thats why I didnt buy from them when I was looking last year. The car drove nicely, but the interior was just too stark to live with. Especially at its price.

  3. It's a US only model, but that's because it's an extended Jetta, like how the Avalon is to the Camry.

    This really doesn't make sense. I guess they figured they would do something different and NOT have a Passat Hybrid for some reason. This would make a decent engine for the Jetta…like a Jetta Eco or something. A lower cost alternative to the Hybrid.


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