What the Hell happened to the Mitsubishi Mirage???

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 I mean look at this!
This is the sedan version of the hatchback sold in the US. So far the sedan is for Canada. But Mitsubishi is also considering it for the US.
There is no excuse for a car looking like that in 2014

This makes the Versa sedan look like Marilyn Monroe.

 This is the hatch version, sold in the US. Right now. Not 30 years ago but right now.

 To prove things are getting worse, this is the 2008 model, sold in Europe. At that time, Mitsubishi though Americans would’ t like it. So it was never sold here (But the new one is…)

This is actually the one I like the best. the 1st one!
It came out in 1978 and still looks better than the atrocity we have now.

It was sold in the US by Dodge and Plymouth as the Colt and Champ.
What a cute modern design. Simple.

Now scroll back up and look at where Mitsubishi is now…

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  1. It looks like a current Toyota.
    I personally don't care for it, but there are tons of people who like that kind of bland styling.

  2. Vince, it's not really a car…it's a "Mirage", but if Mitsu sold it for $14k at least it's "Brand New". Mitsubishi needs to be the next Mazda. What happened to the company that made the Starion, Eclipse, 3000GT?

  3. I would say the Mirage is equal to the Versa sedan…Versa is definitely not better. I loved the Champ…it reminded me of the Pacer without the weirdness.

  4. mitsubishi is going downmarket NOT upmarket, Vince!

    it looks&behaves like a chinese company… excepts it's actually a japanese company.

  5. It Mitsubishi is so lacking in design ideas, and is going to copy someone… try copying something like the NIssan IdX below. Not the Nissan Versa sedan. Or the new Toyota Corolla. Not the old Toyota Yaris.

    They might as well cash in, like Suzuki.

  6. I'm just curious why you had zero posts about the biggest splash at the show. The F-150. I think you hate Ford

  7. The current version isn't a great design. It is definitely behind the times and doesn't compare to subcompact products from some of Mitsubishi's competitors (Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, and Kia come to mind). However, I do think the sedan version looks much better than the Versa sedan. I also think the exterior of the current version of the 5-door looks better and has more character than the previous version. I don't think Mitsubishi went backwards in regards to its own exterior design, but it is lagging behind the times and many of its competitors.

  8. Makes me sad. Mitsubishi used to be a proud, forward-thinking company. It's kind of like watching an ageing Hollywood star's career decline.

  9. I saw the sedan in Montreal this weekend. Sad. It's ironic that Hyundai got their break in the US by basically selling rehashed Mitsus and now Mitsubishi is selling what looks like rehashed Hyundais. I sat in the Mirage and can say it felt worse than any car this side of 2004. Cheap, tinny, uncomfortable seats. Anyone who would buy this over any competing car must be crazy or getting it for $5000.

  10. Thanks Vince!
    When the Mitsubishi Colt came out I was a teen years old child… but immediately I loved this car. the design is pure and simple with elegant and original solutions for the front and the back… with a touch of japanese exotic design… as the Sony bete and Trinitron of the 80….

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