20015 Subaru Legacy

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Yes, 2015!

I am sure the new Legacy is a good car. Maybe even a really good one. To drive and own.
But that 90’s design should have never happened.

As much as many (including me) love to criticize how boring the US Passat looks. At least it has a presence, an understated classy look that this Legacy can only dream of.
This makes the current Camry look futuristic.

It is so sad that a company like this went from corky and original to what we see above.
No innovations whatsoever.

AWD isn’t a new thing anymore.
CVY isn’t a new thing anymore.
36MPG isn’t a new thing anymore.
I have no idea why anyone would pick this instead of a Camry, Accord or Passat.
Except the AWD. (Which most people never need)

It looks like it was designed by people who hate cars.
It is one of the most invisible design ever…

Life is too short for that kind of thing…

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  1. I miss the 2004 Legacy design. It was orginal, stylish (at least to me). I wish they brought that design back. Though it won't be orginal anymore since the Chrysler 200, Avalon, Impala, altima, Setra, Infinti M all have that same 2004 Legacy greenhouse now. But still it's better looking than this 1995 Leagacy.

  2. I agree 100% about the 2004. It was a really nice sedan that looked much better than the Camry and Accord of the same year.

    It is really sad to see what we get 10 years later…

  3. 20015 Subaru Legacy ????

    18,000 years in the future and it still looks like it is from 1999.

  4. This is going to look even more dated by 20014! Yikes!

    Seriously, this is no more boring than a new Accord, Camry, or Malibu.I was really hoping for better this time.

    And I agree, the 2004 was the best looking Sub in quite a while.

  5. Can you get heated rear seats in a Camry? Active fog lights? 104.6 cubic feet of passenger space? 12-speaker sound system? AWD? 26/36 MPG? One-touch lane change turn signals? Active grille shutters? Hill hold assist?

    Where I live in Colorado, AWD rules. And if you can have AWD with the same fuel economy, why wouldn't you?

  6. It appears that while the Chrysler 200 benchmarked the Fusion, Subaru benchmarked the design of the Camry. Toyota owns boring. Only Toyota can make lemonade out of that lemon. When others attempt to compete with the boringness of the Camry or Corolla, they always fail.

  7. I really wish Subie would stop putting red lighting on the center stack and blue lighting on the instruments. IMO that and better instrumentation is one of the areas they could advance their vehicles easily and to their benefit.

  8. Let's wait for the real thing on the streets. I think this one does have a much better presence than the current model. I any event, the wheels design and size can make it or break it. The thing that I dislike about Subarus is how flimsy and light the doors feel. I know it is a perception issue, since crash test results are usually pretty good, but it makes them feel cheap.

  9. This may not be great, but it's better than the current design which isn't saying much. Let's face it, Japanese designers have truly lost their way….Camry, Altima, Accord, etc. all seem so unoriginal and boring. Only the Mazda 6 seems to march to a different drummer.

  10. The interior is even way more boring than the exterior. The door mirrors and the front door windows make this look like just a larger imprezza. Not a good thing. But the exterior is not as bad as some are making it out to be. But that interior….ugh!

  11. Its not unique or original but I do think the exterior may look decent – but in a color other than silver or white. Those bright accents just dont show up in light colored paint vehicles.

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