2014 VW CrossPolo

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The newer version is on top.

The Polo just got revised (slightly) for the new year, and here is the CrossPolo version.
As you can see, it is harder than ever to tell the new one from the current model. (bottom)

Still, the “new” Polo does come with a bunch of new engines.
Among them a new 3 Cylinder turbo to better compete with the Fiesta.

And still, it will not be sold in the US. Where VW has no need whatsoever for new models.
Since no one here buys anything smaller than a Golf, right?

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  1. This actually is a great idea for a vehicle… the small hatches that are raised to makes an AWD vehicle. It almost reminds me of Honda's early approaches to vehicles, like the Honda Civic Wagon AWD. I sure wish automakers would start offering these in the US instead of taller SUV's. Im way sick of those.

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