2014 VW Scirocco

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 The Scirocco is getting a mid-cycle facelift” for the new year.
“mid-cycle’ in this case, means almost 6 years! Since the current generation came out in 2008.

Just like the ‘aging” Tiguan, the Scirocco still looks really good. I saw a few of them in Europe over the years and they look great in person.

These 2 pix above are the current model. As you can see, not much is changing for 2014. It’s just a bit different.
Especially inside, where the only visible changes seem to be the steering wheel and the air vents.

One thing has not change though; we are still NOT getting it…

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  1. This is what the GTI should have been. The Sciroccos of yore had a nice lean profile and looked great.

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