2015 Audi TT

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First picture so far.
Many more coming very soon.

And the is looking pretty sad. Not new at all. Like all “new” Audi designs, a squared off version of the current model.

The TT has always been a really nice looking car, and this is still. But at the same time, I think it is quite insulting to call it new.

I wonder what is wrong at Audi that they are so unable to come up with any new designs….

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  1. Include Kia GT, Cross GT, K900, and Optima and Koup plus Sportage and Soul and cee'd, pro-cee'd and new Carens.

  2. Biggest change is kink in rear side window. Otherwise more like a refresh.

    But how many sporty liftback's are left? At least they didn't discontinue it like everyone else (except for 370Z).

    It's all new otherwise. Interior is completely different and it has more space due to new MQB platform.

  3. Schreyer left Audi for Kia over nine years ago. Audi still has designed some of the most beautiful cars on the road today. So that's not why the upcoming TT is so boring.

    The TT is actually one of Audis least successful selling cars, and you have to wonder why they didn't change it up a bit more. Even the wheel design is disappointing. Audi has some amazing OEM wheel designs on their cars, but the ones shown here are soooo conventional.

  4. Meh.

    They seem as asleep at the wheel as Toyota and Honda Circa 2008. At least they are still trying to innovate with technology! (Just not design)

    – FusioptimaSX

  5. Way to take one of the most innovative and influential designs of the last two decades and RUIN it completely. Thanks but no thanks Audi.

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