2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

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Just thought I would share this picture I hadn’t seen before.
Where, I think, it looks quite nice, in black.

I think this works much better than the sedan. the back seat being so small it is quite ridiculous in a 4 door car, but much more acceptable in a coupe.
The sedan doesn’t really have any advantages and the coupe looks much better.

The are considering a convertible version of this very seriously (The coupe already has frameless door windows). Which should really be great.
This would allow the ATS to better compete with the 2015 C-Class, which will also be offered as a coupe and a convertible.

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  1. The ATS coupe isn't pillarless… there is a B pillar, it's just that the side glass is designed in a way to give the look of a pillarless coupe.

  2. To Anon 10:38

    The pictures of the blue and white ATSs look awesome. Are those the "snoozefests" you're talking about?

    I don't think that anyone is expecting the ATS coupe to be a huge seller. It's competing against the G37, C Class and 4 Series or A5 , none of which sell as many as the sedan versions. If they offer a convertible, I suspect that would be a big seller as far as convertibles go.

  3. um. News flash, mr. naysayer: pictures from the carshow under spotlights do not qualify as "the real world". Please regroup and try again.

  4. I don't know, you take a pic of this car from just the right angle, heavily photoshop it, and yeah, it looks nice enough. But in some other real-world pics, such as the ones I've linked to below (my apologies if any of the links aren't kosher), I think it's a total snoozer. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, I'm sure not trying to argue, I just have this very strong feeling that this car is going to bomb. I just don't think it stands out in any way shape or form.




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