2015 Citroen C1

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 This is horrible.
After the super cool looking Cactus, this is really bad.
The C1 is a clone of the Peugeot 108, so they share the same body. But that front end is one of the worst I have seen in years.
And with the more conservative design of the new generation, it just doesn’t match the rest of the car.

 Here is the Peugeot version. Which I don’t like either, but at least the front end seems to match the rest of the (boring) design a bit better.

And this is the current version.
Still much better looking if you ask me. More modern, fun.

But no matter what, these cars are Toyotas with Citroen/Peugeot front ends.
So the Toyota version should actually look better.

We’ll know really soon…

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  1. I like the grill and the quirky headlights but, yeah, they don't fit the rest of the car. And that massive lower grill opening, the foglights(?), and the red roof and mirrors are just awful.

  2. The C1 designer must be on some serious fuckin' drugs…

    Honest tough, from the back it looks fine, the front makes me wanna poke my eyes out.

  3. Its actually primarily a Peugeot design.
    The character line along the side and the wheels arches common to all three cars are in keeping with the current Peugeot Design language. Not Toyota.

  4. Looks like the Juke has set a precedent.

    But the windows of the rear doors are Pop-out? I don't think I've ever seen that before, how bizzare. Most vehicles don't have pop-out windows anymore, but to see it happening on a door is very strange. I guess they didn't want to change the design to allow it to roll down.


  5. Are you sure they are Toyotas with different front ends? I thought it was a pretty equal joint venture. Common factory in Czech Republic. Petrol engine from Toyota (Daihatsu). Diesel engine from PSA. Production technology from Toyota. Design from PSA. Or something like that.

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