2015 Ford Expedition

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 Ford will not compete with the all new Tahoe with a new Expedition.
Instead, they just redesigned the front end of the current, aging model.

Which actually still looks OK. As far as giant truck based SUVs go. I think this overall design works better as a Ford than an overpriced Lincoln.
Everything seems the same inside. Which is also OK.

The big news are under the hood where the V8 is replaced by a 3.5 Liter Turbo.
Just like in the 2015 Navigator.

Here is the current model.
With the “old” front end…

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  1. Interior is slightly updated too: New steering wheel, new center stake (with MyFordTouch), new instrument panel.

  2. Yes, it's clean. Yes, it looks good. But this is something expected of a 2011 refresh that never happened. I'm shocked that they let GM one up them….although asking prices are usually much lower than the GM Trio. The Navigator is a steal compared to the Escalade and even the Yukon. The price of a base Tahoe is outrageous for what you get.


  3. I still can't get over the fact that the front door/ A-pillar/ windscreen/ header are from a 2007 F-150. I'm curious to know crash integrity in small overlap and roof-crush. I'm sure the bean-counters are pleased but I can't as a consumer get excited about a corpse that gets facelift after facelift after facelift.

  4. Everyone knows this is just pig lipstick until they come out with the aluminum versions in a few years.

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