2015 Ford Focus

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 This is just a mid cycle refresh, as you can see. And most of it is the “Aston Martin grille”. Like the Focus Electric.
These pictures show the Euro Model, but our US Focus should look the same.

These are pictures of the current one.
As you can see, most of the changes are up front.
And the interior seems to finally get rid of the Klingon console. Which is a good thing.

The Focus is still a good looking car, and I am glad to see that Ford didn’t ruin it.

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  1. Current version looks better outside. That new front end looks wimpy as hell.

    Inside, the new center stack seems to be an improvement over the gimmicky old one, but the steering wheel looks very cheap. Somehow the entire dashboard presence looks like a step back, but that may just be the image or the all-black dreariness of it.

  2. Not bad, looks cleaned up. The new corporate grille reminds me of the Fusion coupe, oh wait I mean Mustang.

  3. I've always felt that the Focus (and also Escape) was really over-styled inside and out. This cleans up and simplifies a lot of the fussiness, and even though the Aston grille is starting to get stale, the whole package is much better.

  4. I too am happy they didn't screw things up, but it's always a let peeve of mine when lighting goes away…like in the tail lights. The brake lights will also serve as the running lights now. I thought the separation before made things a little more distinctive. The rest of the vehicle adds to the style without taking away anything from the 2012-2014 models. I hope that chrome strip under the windows is now standard across the board now. I like it, but hate the Titanium's blacked out headlights. The SEL had the perfect look to me.

    There are pics of the wagon going around too, which hints at how the sedan's tail lights will be. I rarely feel this, but I would be perfectly fine with a 2nd refresh in a couple of years because this has such a good shape. They can include power train upgrades of what they will be doing with the next gen, as this is still an overall attractive vehicle.

    Vince, for the record, the 1.0 EcoBoost will be an option and will use a 6 speed Manual for 32 city/45 HWY. If this will be in the US is currently unknown. The 2.0 with the 5 speed manual or 6 speed DCT is unchanged.


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