2015 Subaru Legacy: Better pictures?

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It does look better in these pictures.
But let’s face it, it still doesn’t even come close to what a Subaru should look like in 2014.

So let’s lower our expectations and look at it again:
.It is not ugly.
.Pretty much on par with the Accord. Passat maybe. (Except for that grille still looks like it doesn’t belong there, like it’s from another car)
.The interior is also quite boring and old looking. But actually not worse than the US Passat.
(But that car has maybe the worst interior of its class)

It’s just too bad that Subaru is becoming synonymous with boring looking cars.
Look at Citroen, they didn’t give up….

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  1. The Accord and the Passat may not be exciting like a CTS-V or a Tesla, but they are solid, smart looking cars that drive very nicely. They aren't expensive cars, but when you get in one, you know your money was well spent.

    However, this Subaru and the Camry are not good designs. They look outdated and tired. These are for people who just need "a car" and look at their vehicle as nothing more than a commodity.

  2. Not an Accord…. Boxy with poorly designed detail… You are right with the boring interior. Subaru styling is forever disproportioned and weird. That’s why Subaru backwards … U R A BUS.

  3. Looks like the new generation Hyundai Genesis mated with the first year Chrysler Sebring (200).

    Not bad, but not good.

  4. Looks nothing like Accord imo. Certainly not the horribly outdated interior.

    The only change in these pictures is higher contrast. Just lower it and it looks same as we saw before.

  5. Subaru designs its vehicles with an inside-out approach rather than outside-in. By that I mean function, driving position, and visibility trump swoopy sheet metal and aggressive rooflines. Those design elements look much better in photographs (as is obvious), but don't actually improve the experience of operating the vehicle. Excellent sightlines are becoming a Subaru hallmark these days, as every other car company is trying to design pseudo-coupes and three-row CUVs.
    Engine-wise, I'm surprised the H3.6 is sticking around, rather than being replaced with the new turbo 2.0 or turbo 2.5 as the limited offering. That's a mistake.

  6. Dear Subaru – Please stop putting your instruments in those round cans. That's for the cheapest cars. Your cars aren't cheap.

  7. Looking at the width and wheelbases of this vs. the Camry, and considering the same Subaru factory that builds the Legacy also (for a while still) builds Camrys for Toyota… does anyone really think this model ISN'T based on a modified Camry architecture? Subaru has altered it, but it is the same basic platform.

  8. Not true (AWD Camry's). Toyota invested heavily in Subaru and got out of the AWD car business itself as a business model choice….Subaru's bring more profit per model. They are the same architecture with small modifications whether you choose to agree or not.

  9. Sorry FusioptimaSX. Toyota makes an AWD car from the Camry too… its called Venza. You dont see more cuz no one wants one.

  10. Kia Cadenza clone? i think thats stretching it. I have a feeling this is a car that will look better in a different color and in person. I can't wait to see it and hope Subie doesn't screw up on the engine-tranny combo.

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