2015 Subaru Legacy

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I can’t really say I am disappointed. As I wasn’t expecting much from this.
Subaru is a master at turning out super boring cars that somehow manage to also be quite ugly.
At least this is just boring.
As well as a copy of so many other things… It has a bad 80’s/90’s look to it, with a newer Hyundai grille.

I guess they are competing with Accord, Camry and Passat for the most “conservative” look.
( I do think the Passat looks much nicer, upscale than this actually)

Subaru is more popular than ever these days. (Good for them) So I guess they won’t give us anything interesting any time soon. Seems that “boring and borderline ugly” sells…

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  1. I know you're all about style and flair, Vince and that's okay! But i'd argue right now that the less conservatively styled mid sized sedans look hideous. The new fusion reminds me of a sperm cell, the mazda 6 is overly styled and polarizing to look at, like the sun. Oh and lets not even start with the altima. Nissan should tag that car "ugly since '93".

  2. It's got the big grill that so many cars have today, but otherwise it easily looks ten years old. Same story inside. The rims look ridiculous too, and if Subaru paid someone for these pics they should get their money back.

  3. Same as it would be the refreshed Mitsubishi Gallant. As ugly and unattractive and boring than a Mitsubishi. And it LOOKS like it has been made with the old design under.

  4. So nothing has really changed. There isn't a single Subaru vehicle that I find remotely attractive.

  5. Subaru has a similar customer demographic profile as Volvo and SAAB. SAAB is gone and the typical Volvo customer has abandoned the brand since it became Chinese, so these customers have largely gone to Subaru and VW. Now that that has happened, I don't anticipate their sales rise to continue without great products to support it.

    This is not an ugly car. Just very conventional in a Mitsubishi Galant sort of way.

  6. Zzzzz… What a snooze fest. I don't think it could be any more boring or conservative if they tried. This actually makes every other car is this segment look exciting by comparison.

  7. True…it's a boring, dated design that some will not accept. However to many, practical is beautiful. Look at how well the new Accord with it's tall roof and big windows is selling to those who want a really useful backseat and great visibility. The Fusion, Mazda6 and Sonata are pretty but their backseats are cramped and visibility is compromised. Frankly anyone who needs to carry 4 or 5 adults and cares about comfort and all-weather capability will be drawn to Subaru. My opinion is to accept this for what it is…practical, sensible and not a slave to trendy fashion. If the new Mustang looked like this then we'd have a problem. But this is a Subaru sedan.

  8. its not super ugly. but i'd argue that one big factor that makes it *seem* ugly is that stupid ass clamshell hood cut line. it just makes it look junky and assy. the rest is pretty fucking generic. Derivative and forgettable, yes. But again, not fugged out.

    I'm sure all my nor-Cal neighbors will disagree and buy as many as Subaru can build!

  9. Disappointing, but I think this heavy front grille will look better on Outback which has heavy rear by definition (being Wagon).
    And they sell way more Outbacks here then Legacy sedans.

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