2015 VW Jetta coming up

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VW will unveil a revised Jetta in April at the New York Auto Show.
(Picture above is the current model. Not the upgraded one)

Not sure yet what the “mid-cycle refreshing’ will bring.
Let’s hope a better interior. ( how about the dash from the new Golf)
And who knows what else…

What would you like to see in the 2015 Jetta?

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  1. I was in the UK and got a Skoda Rapid as a rental. Nice enough car, made by VW. Rather cheap interior and a little bland. Low and behold, when I sat in the Jetta at the auto show it was like deja vu. The Passat I sat in was even worse than the Jetta. They should just sell Skodas here badges as VW.

  2. Well, see the 2015 Sportwagen pics for clues..Personally, I was waiting for a Jetta coupe with the 2.0 TSI unit, but who knows.

  3. A refresh? I didn't realize we get those anymore with VW. The last Jetta never got one, so I wonder what they will change. Something tells me this refresh will be for 2015, 2016, and 2017. So the next all new Jetta won't be until 2018 at the soonest. Since they stagger this and the Golf I can't keep up with what platform is being used when.


  4. VW's problem here in the US (other than its reputation for service) is that all they do is change the headlights and bumper and call it a new product…. its the same old product as before and people recognize that. Even worse, those products are constantly one or two generations behind what they're selling in Europe. We're tied to the Mexican plant and that means they want to sell the cheapest product (there and the rest of the Americas… so we get the low end stuff). Its just not working !

  5. Man, people are cranky. What people think is "VW's problem" really isn't a problem. They sell every one they make.

    VW doesn't change their models every four years. More like seven. A mid-cycle refresh will be just that. It'll include changes to the non-unibody "soft" components such as the plastic bits on each end, such as the lights, bumpers and trim. It'll also likely include different wheel options and interior. Potentially updated front quarter panels. It'll include different engine options, or at the very least, different engine tuning. What a mid cycle refresh won't include is anything that resembles an all-new car. It's just a stop-gap until the next Jetta comes in two or three years.

  6. Make it look more upscale and classy inside and out. Upgrade the lighting elements and add a metallic surround to the DLO. Of course, the interior materials need to be upgraded.

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