Better picture: 2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe

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Here you can see how close the production model is to last year’s concept.
Although, it has been toned down a bit and doesn’t seem as muscular. Which is too bad. 
Still, it should be quite impressive in real life. Partially due to its size.

Here is the Accord coupe, that some people here have been comparing it to.
(I guess people see what they want to see…)

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  1. Dear Anonymous Hater:
    If you think Vince is such an idiot and should "start writing something else," why are you reading his blog?
    Drives me crazy to read crap like that. Maybe YOU need to start READING something else!

  2. LOL. The S Class Coupe is no where near the Accord coupe in design except that they are both coupes and the fact is the Mercedes looks worlds better IMO.

  3. The big Mercedes coupes have always been boring and conventional. They've also never been very big sellers. I don't expect this one to set fire to the sales charts either.

  4. I understanad tha the coupe form can only take so many shapes, but….c'mon. Hyundai and Honda were able to conjure up unique profiles.


  5. How on earth could anyone compare this to an accord? the ONLY resemblance is that they both have two doors and four wheels…. Idiots…

  6. silver coupe is pretty enough to compare to maserati. the honda is a butt ugly hot mess like all hondas, but at least neither of them hid recall safety information like toyota allegedly has.

  7. I see why the comparo – they're both black! Or maybe because too many copies of them flying around… But no, not even close.

  8. Comparing a Honda to a Mercedes… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Why not compare it to a '74 Ford Pinto hatchback while you're at it?

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