BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Official pictures

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bmw 2015 2series activetourer

 That was quick. Here is the real thing.

As you can see. It is really quite roomy. And could actually be competing with other BMW models like the X1, or even X3. For those who don’t want an SUV or care which wheels are driving the car. (which is most people)

Engines are similar to the new Mini, including the new 3 cylinder and the 2.0 Liter turbo.

Like I mentioned before, I think this is much nicer looking than the Mercedes B-Class.

Would you lim to see the new Active Tourer in the US?

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  1. As a competitor to the B-class – which we don't get here, sure. But as a competitor to the CLA or A3 – which are more traditional luxury offerings, no.

    BMW Rondo – yes indeed.

  2. We have enough micro hatchbacks here. Why pay for this when you could get the Fiesta. Their basic profile is the same. I think this would kill BMWs image of building exciting cars here in the US.

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