Chevrolet Adra Concept

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Nothing really new here.
As it looks way too much like the Kia Saoul.

Although the front end design could end up being used as the new face of most of Chevrolet’s SUVs and Crossover models.

It looks a lot like the spy shots we have seen of the next Spark. Due out next year. (especially the rear door)

Apparently this will go into production at about the same time. But mostly for the Indian market.
We’ll see if it ends up here at all. Why not…

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  1. I don't think buyers here in the US are going to accept a vehicle like this from Chevrolet unless it's exceptional or exceptionally inexpensive.

  2. This is really cool! The contrasting roof does make it look awfully similar to the Evoque, RR Sport or Mini. Which is okay, but someone should tell Chevy that the A-pillar should be body color, not black. India needs cars that don't look like total third-world heaps. This ought to do well there. I think it'd do well in the US also.

  3. Dear Chevy – Please stop with the primary color matching inside and out. Please stop the alien-ware center dash treatments. That is all.

  4. Easy question. Because it's a rotten looking little machine that's best left to India. Good grief, is this what cars are coming to? This makes a used car look like a very attractive purchase.

  5. It looks like it should have come from Ford. Imagine it with the blue oval instead of the bow tie….

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