Just thought I’d mention: I took the subway today!

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I know I know. Not really car news.

But Vince Burlapp news. As this was my first time ever using the Metro system in L.A.
I have used subways in NewYork, Boston, San Francisco, Europe etc… But never here.
Since, like most people in L.A, I go everywhere with my car. (Or the ones I am lucky enough to test drive).

And it was a really good experience. I know this is no big deal to my European or east coast readers.
But why not mentioning a good experience. One that has just a little to do with cars (or lack of as mine was “in the shop”). 

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  1. Vince, this is great and I appreciate our mentioning of this! I was in San Francisco last year and took nothing but public transit and I wished it were like that everywhere! I love and I hate cars….but it made me confident in the fact that I could survive without one.

    – FusioptimaSX

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