Looking for the ugliest car: Lexus GX

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I had forgotten how ugly this thing looks.
Until I saw this picture. Which reminded me how horrible that “design” is.

It is even hard to describe….

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  1. I so agree Vince. I'm aghast at just how out of touch this ferociously ugly beast is. I know I'll feel embarrassed for the scads of southern Californians I'll no doubt see bounding through elite neighborhoods thinking they're the shit.

  2. Doesn't really matter as they are discontinuing it anyway with a stretched RX to compete against the JX…oh, excuse me, Infiniti QX60….

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. Not sure it it is out of stock or not.
    But "doubled its sales figure' is 100% wrong.

    Official sale numbers for the Lexus GX are :
    -2011: 11 609
    -2012: 11 039
    -2013 12 136
    -2014 (1st month) 1443

    NOTHING here shows "doubled its sales figure"…

  4. Maybe they make these so damn ugly on purpose so the old men that pay for them have a little less to worry about their younger trophy wives getting hit on.

  5. Ugly is too kind a word for the this turded up glass and metal steaming pile. One look and you know this will definitely not age well.

  6. Wait, doubled their sales figure might be a little strong, but definitely an increase…..
    if they keep the first month up, they sell 17,316 this year (quite an increase)

    let's say they dont keep it up and sell 15,0000, not bad for where it is…still ugly

    my mom has one of these (2012) and i must say, it is a joy to drive, handles great in the city….for an suv, and can conquer literally anything on our ranch.

    i hope this thing stays alive for clients like us, although i know it is a small percentage of people who buy them. They just need to make it look a little but more rugged, simplistic, and classic

  7. According to wikipedia, Lexus sold roughly 11,000 GXs in 2012 (peak of 35,000 in 2004). So a 9 day supply is only about 270 units. It's not hard for demand to outstrip supply when the number of units is so low.

    I am big fan of Infiniti, but I still like to say this, QX80 is ugly but I see that truck every where in Texas and Oklahoma…

    I saw this GX few days back, it is uglyier than QX80

  8. Usually, the inventory for this model is 60 days. The point is it increase in popularity, while it is ugly.

  9. Here you are!

    Lexus USA has reported 17,637 total sales for January 2014, an 8.8% improvement over the start of last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

    MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
    2014 2013 % CHG* 2014 2013 % CHG*
    GX 1,443 733 96.9 1,443 733 96.9

    96.9% is "doubled sales figure"

    The smaller of Lexus' two traditional three-row SUVs is proving a hot commodity with luxury shoppers.

    Edmunds reports that shoppers interested in the refreshed-for-2014 GX 460 face just a nine day supply on dealer lots. That means that, theoretically, if Lexus stopped shipping GXs to dealers, they would run out of inventory in just nine days. Luxury SUVs typically face fairly large days' supply given their high price tags and relatively limited markets.

    Read more:

    It is out of stock in certain dealers.


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