Mini Clubman Concept

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This is basically for us to get used to the idea of a 4 door Mini Cooper.
A regular 4 door, not the larger Countryman model.
But this is really weird, since the upcoming 4 door Mini won’t look like this at all.
The interior is pure concept. 
The rear lights are really weird. Very “un-Mini”.
So basically it takes the Clubman and adds 2 more doors. 
Would they even do that, offer the next Clubman with either 2 or 4 doors?
Mini is now becoming as confusing as BMW…

 This is the upcoming 4 door version of the new 2014 Mini.
As you can see, it looks exactly the same as the regular model, except for the 2 additional small rear doors.

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  1. Um…Vince…there still going to build a new-fen Clubman. That's what this concept is hinting at, not the Traveller (the four door version you posted).

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