Opel Adam coming to Buick. (In China)

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GM will sell the Opel Adam as a small Buick in China starting next year.
At least if we can believe the latest rumor.

Let’s hope this is the 1st step to bring it over to the US as well.
Although there were talks last year about the Adam and Cascada not being able to meet US regulations.
Which would really be too bad and would force Buick to wait for the next generation of both models to sell them in the US…

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  1. What Buick needs right now is to be quirky and a bit irreverent. Sort of the way they were with the Grand National and the Reatta, but with vehicles that can actually turn a profit.

    It has never hurt a brand to have too many good options. For people to say "This is too small for the Buick brand" is nonsense. The Buick brand needs to evolve, because even though they make good cars today, the cars themselves carry the brand but brand itself is irrelevant. No one says "I hope to one day own a Buick." Compare that with Toyota, where the cars are mediocre, but the brand equity is extremely high.

    What I'm saying is that the Adam should come to the US as a Buick. Forget about the Buick brand, focus on the cars and let Buick's brand equity improve that way.

  2. actually i think the Adam has more chances being released as a CADILLAC in the usa.
    seriously! cadillac is modern und sort of "younger" und this car would be a good idea. look at the similarities to Audi, which has the A1!

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