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 The tiny 108 is the replacement for the 107. Which came out almost 9 years ago (!)

The 107, and its cousin the Citroen C1, were based on the Toyota Aygo.
The 3 cars looked pretty similar. Except for the front ends and rear. And some differences inside.

We’ll have to wait to see if the new models share as much as the previous ones.

So far, the Peugeot looks fine, but much more conservative than the previous 107 model. (it has the boring new Peugeot front end with a chrome grille)
And also more upscale. The usual story…

Here is the 107. Still looking really modern and fun, for a car that came out in 2005.

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  1. It's a little on the plain and simple side, but I think it looks nice enough. I can't think of anything close to its size that looks any better, at least not here in the US.

  2. i kind of like it. but the target audience is undecided. the statement is: "look im conservative but yet still funky FOR THE YOUNG CROWD…"
    im refering to the gaudy decals

  3. Vince, that's not the original 2005 model you picture, it's the facelifted one. Trust me the original would look quite dated now.

    I think the 108 looks more refined, which reflects the more up-market positioning of newer Peugeots. The smaller headlamps really help to give it a more up to date look in comparison with its predecessor. It's true Peugeot's new design is a bit more conservative, but that is kind of how Peugeot's have (almost) always been, refined and elegant, but simple.

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