R.I.P: Honda Insight

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Honda is killing a car that most people thought was dead already.
So not many people will be crying…

The 2nd version of the Insight was mostly a disappointment.
Instead of something corky and original like the 1st one. They came up with a car that looked like a copy of the Prius. With worst mileage.

Reviews we usually not kind.
Although, I must say, that at a price starting under $19 000, with a 41/44MPG rating. It doesn’t seem like such a bad package.
But look around and you find the Prius C for the same price and getting 53/46MPG.

On top of that, non hybrids are also getting impressive numbers these days. Like the 45MPG Fiesta.

Sales of the current Insight went from 20 572 in 2009. To 4802 last year.

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  1. Honda was bragging that the Insight would be the affordable people's hybrid. Hopefully they will learn the lesson someday that style and content always trump price.

  2. Honda is really dropping the ball these days. It's really sad as I didn't think they were a company to let things rot on the vine. I guess things did change eventually because of the emergency Civic redesign, but I guess it was too late for the Insight. I'm sure the CR-Z isn't far behind. There are new hot hatches that reign supreme these days. Honda always has a lot of innovation, but then they never work to improve. I was happy they decided to make the Accord Bybrid again and even bring to market a plug-in variant….but they weren't innovating, just playing catch up.


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