Stuff we don’t get: Mazda6 wagon

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 I think this is one of the best looking wagon ever.
It just looks fantastic, and makes you want to buy one even if you don’t need it.

But. Here in the US, we can’t.
Mazda is bringing, after a few delays, a diesel version of the 6 sedan in a few months.
That engine would be perfect in the wagon.

But again, they would rather sell SUVs in the US. So no wagons for us.

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  1. You can buy the V60 now but I doubt that will be huge seller but then again who knows. If it does we might see more models.

    The TSX Wagon production stopped so not much left for wagons.

  2. I love this wagon. But Mazda has issues particularly with their vehicles being a little off in size compared to the rest of the segment they compete in: Mazda3 is much smaller than a Civic/Corolla, and the Mazda 6 is much larger than a Camry/Accord.

    But until they revise their interiors so they're not so spartan looking, they're not going to win a decent enough following – which is a shame. Interiors are easy to fix… will they?

    And Mazda needs to bring this wagon, as well as the new Mazda2 and a 2-based sporty CUV. Mazda does well in its CUV categories and they should capitalize on it while trying to correct their sedan and sports car lineup.

    Good Luck, Mazda.

  3. Love this thing, however, the Diesel got delayed even further than just a few months to almost indefinitely. Too bad as I'm sure this made a few immediately buy a Passat TDI.

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