The Opel Adam Rock rocks!

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 And now for the Opel version. (not even sure why Vauxhall is still around…)

The more I see the Opel Adam the more I like it. And this latest “Rock” version with its electric canvas sunroof is fantastic. (A $3500 option over the regular model.)
I thought at first it would be too small to be sold as a Buick here in the US (Would have made a cool Saturn…)
But now I think this would actually be a great move for Buick.
Competing with the Fiat 500 and Mini with a truly modern, original non-retro design.
(And leave the stick shift option please!)

This would really work as a second car for current Buick owners, and also could bring a whole new generation of people.
This could be THE Buick people are talking about.

(And, on another note, how cool and sexy are that girl’s pants!)

This is the regular Opel Adam.
The one that doesn’t “Rock”.

Still looking great. 

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  1. Vince, if it were possible, I would rather GM just bring over Opel. Buick is the redheaded stepchild here in the US and will never be more than an afterthought to GM.

  2. I agree that it could come here as a Buick. I don't think that it needs to slot perfectly within their lineup. The brand needs some variety and an injection of runway style that they don't currently have. This as a Buick would cause people's minds to explode in shock.

    As a Chevy, it would just be classified by consumers as a another cheap econo car. I would never consider a small Chevy.

  3. Vince, did you notice the external mirrors on the Peugeot 108 have the same pattern as the girl's pants……

  4. I could only see this brought over as a Buick if they changed the model name from "Adam" to "Opel" like they did in the 1970s.. hopefully then they wouldn't have to try to work in a hideous chrome grille.

  5. They should bring it here as an Opel Adam sold at Buick/GMC dealers. I am sure they could move 20-50k of these annually, especially if they offered them as AWD.

  6. Yeah, instead of using some old Buick model name like "Skylark" or "Apollo," just call it the Buick Opel. Since we're uncertain at this point if the car's character is a proper fit for Buick, that would be a safe move. (Besides, those old names mean nothing now, not for this car.)

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