2015 Hyundai Sonata

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Looking a bit more conservative it seems.
The current model has been a big hit for Hyundai. So they might not want to push the envelope this time.

Still, much better looking than others.

More very soon….

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  1. Definitely more conservative. It's a good mix of the current and 2006 Model. More athletic than alien this time around. Much cleaner and they were able to keep the signature chrome that goes from the headlights to across the body…and even spread it to around the windows.

    So will this be a 2016 model in the US? The reason I ask is that they changed a few bits and pieces for 2014….then again the 2013 Kia Optima SXL was a one off too.

    I'm afraid of seeing the Optima because I'm worried they will screw it up somehow.

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. Predictable and unoriginal. It's an eight year old Audi design, just like most of what Hyunkia is doing lately.

  3. Conservative is what the mid-size market seems to want.. and for that 5-10% of buyers that don't, there's always the Optima. Hyundai might have the right idea here.

  4. Now that Hyundai has attracted everyone's attention with the first round of its eye catching "Fluidic Sculpture" design aesthetic, it can now expand its reach with the more refined "Fluidic Precision" approach. I think this car will look more refined and upscale than the current version.

  5. As an owner of a 12' Limited Turbo I am curious to see what the next generation has in store. I'm more concerned with performance improvements like ride/handling and HP increase.The current gen was a big step in the right direction in areas but Hyundai needs to take a few more! I'm also impressed with IIHS offset front end predicted crash scores of the 15' Sonata. That category gave a lot of cars low scores. Even the 12' received a score of marginal over the Camry's poor score in same test. Overall Hyundai is doing their thing and haters need to stop.

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