2015 Hyundai Sonata

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We have now seen so many spy shots of this car, there are no surprises.
Another nice looking mid sized sedan. A bit more conservative than the current model.
But maybe a bit more upscale looking too. Which I guess is fine for most people…

On these blurry pix at least, the profile looks so much like a fastback. It should really be a hatchback.
Too bad.

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  1. You can tell by the open trunklid that the roofline does indeed extend further back than the current Sonata. This will no doubt increase rear seat leg and headroom probably propeling Sonata into the rear-seat room champ of the field -perhaps even surpassing the VW Passat. I think the more upright, angular grille looks classy and also meets Euro standards for pedestrian impact. Even though early photos are blurry this looks like a winner!

  2. The chrome (half) frames around the fog lights do not look integrated with the surrounding design elements and their shapes at all,…like thoughtless add-ons that are on their own. The upper side of the center vent on the front bumper should have been in full alignment with the chrome frame. They must have used the same designer who designed the china-only models. They are too focused on China these days. A big mistake.

  3. It looks good. But vague steering and badge could be a problem for some. At least, they know wheels.

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