2015 Jeep Renegade

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I know I know… These are super crappy pix.

Still, it gives us a small idea. (I guess…)

Still looks really bad to me. Just tall and narrow really never works.

We’ll see…

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  1. Soo, I'm a little confused… Is this the Compass/Patriot replacement or is this going to slot in below the new Compass? It looks too small and "cutesy" to be a replacement.

  2. Looks OK to me, plus it stands a chance to be a real off-roader, as opposed to a bloated mudder.

    I know that people who off-road for transportation (instead of for posing or leisure) consider Samurais to be better than Jeeps and Land Cruisers. They can get through smaller gaps, and generally avoid traps that require winches, shovels and tow ropes in a wider off-roader.

    The only issue with this format is that it doesn't handle when loaded with fat frat boys and beer kegs. Maybe the relatively long wheelbase and the electronics will help.

  3. I will say, from the pics on jalpnik – that the profile actually looks great. Solid, taught, aggressive. Makes me wish the new cherokee had more of this overall shape.

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