2015 Mustang Convertible Video

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This new video explains the new top designs. Also compares it to the current model.

The only think that seems a bit strange, is that it still has a latch. Only one, which is better.
But still. The current Beetle convertible top is fully automatic.
Even in the base model which costs about $5000 less than the Mustang convertible.

So the new Mustang top is better. But not that great….

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  1. As impressed with themselves as they seem to be, this isn't anything close to what German carmakers offer. Multi layer canvas tops have been done by VW and MB since the 80s and are actually quieter than many of their comparable fixed-roof cars. To have to manually unlatch the top is ridiculous for a car that's supposedly as evolved as this. But the most glaring sign of cheapness are the "caps." It's a junky, lazy solution. Audi/BMW/MB all have hard tonneau covers that look clean and are fully automatic with covers that slide into place on the side to cover exposed mechanisms. With the Ford, you see rough plastic flashing and metal framework when the top is down. That's why they offered these stupid caps. Are people supposed to keep these in their trunk?

    I think that the new Mustang is a beautiful car and has a long history of ragtops. The mustang should effortlessly own this category, regardless of price. But this looks as if Ford has never built a convertible before.

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