2015 Nissan Juke

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Just the usual small changes. headlights, grille.
Not much new inside either.

Which is fine by me. I know many people love to hate the Juke. But I like it.
I test drove a few of them and liked them for the most part.
The worst problem being the Turbo lag with the Automatic. (Which is much better with the manual)

I think it is a nice package at the right price. And it is quite fun to drive.

Not sure if we are getting a new engine in the US or not. But I do hope we get the new large panoramic sunroof option.
It does look great.

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  1. I love unconventional cars, but this is a total mess. Does anyone buy these things? I've seen no more than a dozen on the road ever.

  2. They sold almost 40 000 last year alone. (US only)
    They seem really popular where I am. And was surprised to see so many in Europe when I was there last year.

  3. I had a 2013 SL FWD midnight black edition. I loved that car!! It was way more fun to drive then my 2014 Maxima SE. I'll be ordering another Juke next year. Hopefully a Nismo RS!

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