2016 Bentley SUV

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Yes they are actually going to make an SUV.

They showed us the EXP 9F Concept back in 2012. Which was one of the worst designs I have ever seen.
(It looked like a drunk teenager’s idea of a bentley SUV.)

Now they have released the 1st picture of the production model.
And it already looks much better.

Let’s hope the rest of the body has been redesigned as well…

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  1. This Bentley grille looks like it belongs back in 2004. Time for an update. Certainly not appropriate for a vehicle not yet launched.

  2. "hope the rest of the body has been redesigned as well?" Well, looks like the grille shape and hood contours haven't changed one bit, including the exact same hood cutlines. I fear the only thing that has changed are the headlights and lower front fascia. 🙁

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