2016 Ford Taurus !

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Of course this is just a test mule, and not the final design.

Still, it does show quite different proportions than the current model. Lower, wider.
From what we have seen recently with other Ford designs, this could be quite a looker.
Looks like a really attractive large sedan is taking shaper here.

It will go head to head against the next Nissan Maxima. Itself expected to look quite modern too.

I have more on this and will post it very soon.

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  1. There we go again. A test mule, which will not look anything like the final product, testing something that we cannot see. Way to go Vince! Now I am better informed.

  2. I hope the lower and wider parts = more interior room which is sad for the current one. I've noticed that Fords of late have been a little light in the interior room department.

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. Not a focus, but a current gen Fusion/Mondeo. But the first post was correct though; it could be anything. It could be the next gen Taurus. But it could just as easily be a mule testing a new engine or drivetrain set-up. There just isn't enough info to say.

  4. In hopes that final version of this new 2016 Taurus Mule (!) does not feature the tired, years-old, been-there-&-done-that Fusion tail light in photo– or any variation of it. Please Ford, dig deep into your 'greatest generation' models and either retro the socks off of us, or come up with something spectacularly new and different!

  5. Sadly, the mule doesn't give us much of a hint as to the future Taurus since the only obvious modifications to the Fusion body are some odd rear fender extensions. If that is indeed a Taurus mule, however, it does suggest that it will no longer be built on the old Volvo-based platform that also underpins the Flex, Explorer, MKS and MKT.

  6. I sure we will see further evolutions of this basic design. Without commenting on the aesthetics of this "mule" lets hope Ford can address the real issues: space for rear passengers, improved mileage but holding the same performance window with the nano 2.7 V6, and a serious weight reduction of at least 600 lbs.

  7. NJ Viking said:
    Why is it that many car makes like BMW can have the same universal grille look across their car and suv lines and no negative press given. So why if Ford does it that everyone goes off with some much negative comments. Ford has found a beautiful appealing look that should designed into their car and suv lines.

  8. This is the worst spy shot ever!!!!! I am so tired of all the idiotic sites thinking that a spy shot of a mule with Fusion body panels means that the production MUST be a Fusion copy cat because there can be no other possible worldly explanation!!!!

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