Another pic of the 2016 Ford Taurus mule.

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Now some people are saying this is a mule for Lincoln. Since the large MKS is soon due for a redesign.

Not sure… The horizontal grille behind the camo doesn’t really say Lincoln.
Unless this is also part of the camouflage and the real grille is behind the whole thing.
(But then, why even test that)

Is Lincoln is again redesigning the front end of their cars??? Horizontal this time.

Or it is just plain and simple the next Taurus…

Only one thing is 100% sure: It is NOT a Mercury.

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  1. The hood contour suggests Lincoln, and that horizontal grille could be split in the middle on either side of it. Either way, it doesn't look different enough from the existing models to give me much hope for the new ones.

  2. Are you an idiot? The new MKZ, MKC, Navigator ALL have horizontal grills. Have you b een sleeping for the past 18 months?

  3. To the person who suggested that the "hood contour" makes it a Lincoln: that's the Fusion's existing hood, so it hardly suggests what you claim.

  4. Vince, the MKC and MKZ have gone to horizontal grilles.

    Also, the Taurus and the MKS share platforms, so why couldn't it be pieces of both as it undergoes testing?

  5. Vince, I have to agree that this is NOT a Lincoln. Here's why… mules are typically used for the testing of new engine and mechanicals using existing bodies and structural systems. Lincoln has been given freedom with respect to design but not in terms of mechanicals from Ford. That design theme is focusing on higher rising belt lines and the new Lincoln smaller waterfall grill. None of that is present here. If this IS for Lincoln, its testing trannies and component systems. But most likely its a revised Ford MMC.

  6. Vince – they typically test the chassis and powertrain before they worry about the body and the things it affects. They often begin by putting the skin of an existing car over the powertrain of the new car so they can drive it around and test what they need to on the longer lead items. It could be anything under there.

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