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No surprises here since we’ve already seen it last year as a “fake” concept.
This is the same thing.

It just look like a raised up 3 series hatchback.
(They already offer the 3 series as a hatchback, and also the new 4 series hatch)

I do like hatchbacks, but this ends up being quite boring.
And, at least on these pictures, the interior looks a bit  cheap. And very uninspired.
 At a $45 624 starting price, it’s not cheap either.

Not sure who this is for…

These “non-SUV jacked up cars” always remind me of the old AMC Eagle models.
Looks like these were way, way ahead of their time….

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  1. Really? Has the nasty looking X6 been even moderately successful? Why would BMW offer a smaller version?

    BMWs lineup is such a bloated mess today, with tons of product redundancy and cars that have lost their fundamental BMW-ness. I don't know how this can possibly be successful. Maybe it's working for them in China.

  2. It looks a like a hatchback with compromised cargo space. This is more for show than utility. I am sure plenty of buyers will be lining up for the badge…

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