Chrysler 200 EV

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Or at least plug-in Hybrid.
But that wouldn’t explain the lack of exhaust pipes. Or the fact that they are so obviously blocked…

I witnessed the car myself and it is 100% quiet when driving. No engine noise.

So it does look like Chrysler is working on an electric version of the new 200. Or at least, using the 200 to test a new electric powertrain.

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous,

    They don't put gas tanks right behind the rear bumper anymore. Too many lawsuits.

    I wonder if it's a one-off, legally obligated, "just for California" EV like the Fiat 500e, or if it's a real car that anyone can buy.

  2. Chrysler was the worlds largest producer of electric cars for many years (most of them sized between a golf cart and a Smart car). They sold that division 2 years ago. Maybe they kept all the R&D "secrets" for future EV models???

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