Maserati Alfieri Concept

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That looks stunning.

The front and alone is quite amazing. A much better take on the usual Maserati face.

Let’s hope this becomes the replacement for the aging GranTurismo.
Or a smaller model competing with the Porsche 911 (And the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT)

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  1. Not too crazy about the upper hood or the weak taillights.. but the profile looks stunning. Would be a worthy successor to the Gransport/Spyder that disappeared in the mid-2000s.

  2. LOL. Not a fan of the vertical bars either. Fix a few things, like the grill, tail lights and the ducts around them, the portals (that just looked tacked on as an afterthought), the rims, maybe the opening below the grill, and that blue ****, and it's beautiful.

  3. I would have expected something a little more significant befitting the brands namesake. This looks like a MMC at best.

  4. As a car entusiast and Maserati Granturismo convertible owner, I would say that the Granturismo is what you call a timeless classic, considered by many automotive experts to be among the best , if not, the best looking car available. It's certainly not dated. This car, the Alfieri, named after the Maserati Brother that founded the company, is 9.5 inches shorter than the G,T therefore, it is a f-type Jag and 911 competitor. A real beauty.

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