2015 Acura TLX

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This is replacing the TL and the TSX.
And it just looks like a big ILX.

The ILX has been criticized for not looking upscale enough, so making that design larger and more expensive wouldn’t seem, to me, the way to go…

It seems that Honda just cannot design an upscale car. This would be a really nice Accord.
No more.
A loaded Fusion, 2015 Chrysler 200 and many other mid sized cars look better and at least as upscale as this.

I still miss the original TL. The one from 1999. Which was truly a step up from the Accord.
I am sure this is a fine car, to drive and own.
It comes with a 2.4 Liter with 206hp and an 8 speed auto.
Or a 3.6 Liter V6 with 290hp and a 9 speed auto.
Again, what an Accord could be.

Another invisible sedan .

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  1. Hey, Vince, you've really hit on something here: for some reason, Honda simply can't make a large, upscale car. Back when Infiniti and Lexus were competing with the Q45 and LS400, the Acura alternative was the weak RL. When I look at the new TLX all I see is an Accord.

  2. I'm not sure if it's my OCD – but it just drives me absolutely CRAZY that at this price point that cup holders are still visable. It cheapens the whole interior.

  3. I really think this looks nice. This will also be the European Accord. It may not be the most aggressive or bold sedan, but the design is attractive.

  4. This is going to be a hit. This design goes better with this size car, and with 19" wheels it will turn heads. There is something wrong when luxury is defined as how good the leather of a car is, when it spends half the year in the shop, like a Land Rover.

  5. Soooo, based on the roaring success of the ILX, the runaway sales of the RLX and the extraordinary brand awareness of the TL, they decided to go with this.

    I swear, I would love to know what these guys at Acura are thinking. How do these conversations go, that this seems like a good idea? I mean, srsly.

  6. …huh…what happened?? Did I miss something?? Just like vanilla, it goes with anything but doesn't stand out. Playing it safe is "fine" if you sell over 100K per year, but in this small "Luxury" market, buyers want to stand out.
    Props to the engineers for advancing safety, and performance, but why couldn't it visually standout like a Tesla or Karma?
    Honda is at a point with "Acura" sedans where they might as well take a risk with the exterior design or expect to lose sales to Hyundai and Kia.

  7. I was waiting to see what this would look like. And, no surprises. They even left off the LED lights in the lower part of the grille (on the concept) just like I thought they would.

    I'm starting to wonder what it will take for Acura to realize people don't think their "shield" grille. It looks like a rhino's upper lip.

    The interior isn't even exciting. My '08 TSX had better designed door panels than this car.

  8. I can't imagine a situation where someone walks by this car and says, "whoa." Couldn't we have gone edgier? It doesn't cost anything at all to style a car. A Fusion cost the same to make as an Accord.

  9. I see all of you Acura/ Honda haters are bashing this car. Granted,it could be better, but it is really NOT that bad. Conservative? Yes. Fugly– no. See Lexus spindle grill for definition of Fugly. But if you're going to criticize this car for looking too much like its brand-mates (RLX, ILX) then at least be consistent when evaluating the same issue for other brands. How many Mercedes, BMW, Audi models look like different sizes of he same sausage? How do they fare in terms of long-term reliability, durability, and maintenance costs? Exactly what are you paying a price premium for beyond a designer badge? Some of you need to get a grip and get real.

  10. It's a nice, handsome looking sedan and definitely the best looking sedan of Acura's sedan lineup, but I'm doubtful that it will be enough to draw more buyers to the Acura brand.

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