2015 Chevrolet Trax. (US Version)

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 These are official pictures of the Chevrolet Trax for the US.

More chrome on the grille. But no turn signal lights in the rear view mirrors.
So far these are the only changes I can see for the US version .

Let’s hope it ends up quite a bit cheaper than the $24 000 Encore. As it will do battle with the $19 000 Juke, (Which has a lot more power), and the new Honda HR-V. Which itself will be cheaper than the $22 000 CR-V.
The Trax shouldn’t start at over $20 000….

And here the Trax pausing with its new family of “nothing really new for 2015”.

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  1. "But no turn signal lights in the rear few mirrors."

    Vince… Do you ever read your comments before they get posted?

    There are always a lot of spelling and grammar errors.

  2. Sometimes I am working on 3 or even 4 things at once. ( I also do TV writing, photography, illustrations etc…) So no. Many times i just don't read what I write.

    Thanks for pointing this out. And sorry for the mistakes

  3. These have been up here in Canada for the past year. I've seen a few–more than the Buick–but not that many. It still looks like a jacked-up Toyota Matrix to me.

  4. Here in Canada it isn't selling well at all, I wouldn't expect it to fare much better in the US. When is Chevy going to retire that stupid front end. Enough of the 2 openings with the bowtie in the middle, it's stale and boring.

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