2015 Dodge Charger: not that new…

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 Sure, from the front end. it does look like a new car.
Plus, for a few weeks they’ve been telling us the car as been pretty much redesigned. That all body panels are new…

 Well, here it is. The “new” design.
Basically the old car with a new front and revised butt.

And I must say, the new front doesn’t match the rest of the car. At all!
It looks like a front end designed for a next generation that we will never see…

 Inside, things are pretty much the same. Which is fine I guess.

The new one is on top.
Sure, the panels are a bit different when you compare the 2 cars. (But changing the line of the side scoop doesn’t make a new design.)

This is just ridiculous and I think it makes the car look worse.

Like I said. I think, unfortunately, FIAT has decided to kill off Dodge. And they might be using a front end designed that was meant for a next generation that will never be.
Giving the Charger one more year or two…

But with a well received new Impala and an all new Taurus on its way, this just won’t be enough…

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  1. It's a midcycle update to bring the Charger more in line with the Dart and current Dodge styling trends. The current front end reflects the brand's former blockier truck inspired front end treatment.

    I think proclaiming the demise of Dodge may be a little premature. Fiat-Chrysler are still trying to sort out the structure of their brand hierarchy here. I think spinning RAM and SRT off into their own brands definitely complicated matters, but I believe Fiat-Chrysler still has plans to continue the Dodge brand into the future.

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