2015 Dodge Charger

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This comes as quite a surprise.

A “new” Charger is just around the corner. Dodge claims we will see a ‘new design’ at the New York auto show this month.
From this teaser pic, at least the front end seems all new. Not sure if the whole car has been redesigned or not.
I hadn’t heard of this. And haven’t heard anything about a new Chrysler 300 either.
Which is pretty much on the same schedule as the Charger.

A revised (Not all new) Challenger is also coming up at the same time.
(What the Challenger needs is a new interior, really.)

We’ll see….

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  1. I wouldn't buy a Dodge but I've sort of admired the Charger's aggressive look. This looks like a step back, when I was really hoping to see something even more aggressive, curvy, and DIFFERENT. We'll see, I guess.the

  2. It's half a grille and a headlight… you can't tell anything from that. One thing is for sure, as someone who does buy Dodge cars, this thing is either going to make me salivate with desire, or weep in sorrow. There's no middle ground on a car like this. Hopefully they didn't destroy the last remaining 4-door sedan that looks and feels uniquely American.

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