2015 Hyundai Genesis Prices

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The all new Genesis starts at $38 000.
Or about $3000 more than the “old” one.

You can add a Signature package for $4000
On top of that, you can spend another $3500 and get a Technology package.
And then, you can even splurge for a $3500 Ultimate package.

If you want the V8, you’ll have to start at $51 500. (But that includes the 1st two packages as standard)

AWD is a $2500 option on all models.

It is quite a bit expensive. But not that bad when compared to the competition.
A Lexus GS starts at around $43 000.
And the base Infiniti M (now Q70) is about $46 000.
Even the smaller new Q50 isn’t that much cheaper at over $35 000.

I don’t really think someone looking at an Audi, Mercedes or BMW would seriously consider a Hyundai. Right or wrong…

It has been quite a popular model for Hyundai. At least compared to its competition.
They sold 32 330 of the sedan model last year. (33 973 in 2012)
While Infiniti only sold 9130 units of the M model in 2012. (and 5283 in 2013)
Even the Lexus GS sold much less. With 22 160 in 2012 and 19 742 in 2013.

So I would call the current Genesis a success for Hyundai.
And the new one should even do better.

I think they will have no problem selling these. Even with a $3000 price increase…

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  1. Ok.

    I haven't seen one of these on the road. That being said, I don't much care for what I'm seeing in the pictures design-wise. I'm totally ok with derivative styling (which this seems to have in spades), but the front end looks awkward to me. I can't put my finger on it. I'm sure it will be a fine car…

  2. The Infiniti M is a flop. No one buys the Lexus GS. The Genesis sedan is a joke and only sells to people who wear plastic Rolexes. They are practically invisible against the A6, 5, and E class.

  3. Everyone always focuses on the $ number and screams INCREASE, when most of the time the automaker has included extra equipment for the price. That's the case here.

    That being said, $49,000 for a loaded RWD V6 is about a $4500 more than the 2014 Genesis – which currently you can get for about $10,000 off MSRP with all the discounts available. Hyundai is selling the Genesis, but at nowhere near MSRP. It'll be interesting how the new model sells…

  4. I was on a wet, rainy road the other day and was annoyed by the driver in the new Accord ahead pumping his LED taillights in fear of hydroplaning.. then I realized it was actually a current Genesis. Loving the looks of this much more.. yes it may still be a bit generic, but at least the profile looks more Jaguar than Honda this time around.

  5. There isn't an original line on this thing. It could be used as the un-branded anonymous car in insurance ads.

  6. Vince, Hyundai did not sell 33,330 of the SEDAN model last year. That number is a combination of the Sedan and the far less expensive Coupe. They do not differentiate the two on their reporting (see end-of-year link below).

    Now, I think it is stupid that they don't split the two, but they don't, so it makes calling this model a "success" a rather nebulous proposition. I generally see more coupes than sedans, but assuming almost a 50/50 split the sedan moves 16k units/year, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say 18k or so – not a failure, but not a real success either. In the same MSRP price range Bimmer is pushing well over 100k 3-series, Caddy moves way more CTS's, Toyota hucks more Avalons and Lexus moved about the same number of the lame but more expensive GS. The prices on the new Gen-sedan would have me looking at the competition over this car, because they are whittling away the value-proposition big time.


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