2015 Infiniti Q70

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 For 2015, the large Infiniti sedan gets a long wheelbase option.
Something usually reserved for the Chinese market. But this one is also available in the US.

Otherwise there is also a new front end. (Top pic). Which makes the car look more like a large Q50.

 The whole thing, especially in the long wheelbase version, seems a bit more upscale. Thanks to new exterior trim here and there.
Which is a welcome improvement.

 The interior seems the same as before.

Too bad they didn’t get rid of the horrible “airbrush look” on the wood trim. Which gives a tacky/cheap feel to an otherwise great interior.

 Here is the big news: 6 inches additional legroom for the back seat. In the L version.
Which looks pretty amazing.
No info yet on how much of a premium they will charge for that.
( I think they should have made it standard. This would have made the Q70 more special)

Other wise engines are the same as before.

I guess this will do for another couple of years…

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  1. It's not a bad looking car. But even though Infiniti is struggling to define a certain visual language, this has no curb presence. Even an A6, which is much less "styled" and swoopy, has a smart distinguished and authoritative look that is immediately recognized as an A6/S6. Even though the CTS and ATS have a distinctive grille, the overall design is restrained and purposeful. And in the "flesh" it works better than the awkward style exercises we see with Infiniti and the latest Lexus models.

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