2015 Infiniti QX80

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 The big QX80 SUV us also getting a few changes for the new year.
I’m not sure, but the grille seems even bigger than before…

 Here is the current model. The interior of the 2015 model seems pretty much the same.

Notice that, officially, Infiniti calls this “a major redesign for the model year”.
Otherwise, the engine is still the big 5.6 Liter V8 with 400hp.

I did test drive the current model a while ago. And actually was pretty impressed.
It does feel like a high end luxury car/truck.

But it just doesn’t have the image of a Range Rover.
And the design is really, let’s say, not for everyone…

If you still want to spend more (But still don’t want a Range Rover).
You can now get this new Limited model.

It’s just more of everything! More chrome, more stitching etc…

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  1. That's one ugly truck. I never really understood the "bullnose" look. Sad to say Infiniti is a good brand however vehicles should never look like coffins.

  2. The first of these that I ever saw was on Nantucket in 2010. The word "Canyonero" immediately came to mind, and we all snort laughed at it. It's astonishing that a huge corporation like Nissan, with so many approval levels, that not a single person has the taste level to realize that this ridiculous thing is completely trashy looking.

  3. Besides being very big, it has tremendously pluses, including refinement, power, and reliability. I prefer this to a Tahoe or Suburban, and forget the Land Rover. I want to drive my cars to fun destinations and not the repair shops.

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