2015 Lexus NX (Official pictures)

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These look so much better.
(And it’s not white. )

It is actually growing on me. And I bet it does look better in person too.

The US will get both versions: the NX200t and NX300h.
The 200t uses the all new 2.0 Liter Turbo engine (No numbers available yet)
While the 300h is the Hybrid version.

Which makes it rather unique in the US. As there are no Hybrid versions of the BMW X1, X3, Audi Q3 or Infiniti EX35.
The NX Hybrid could turn out to be quite popular.

At least it’s different. Right?

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  1. This isn't bad at all and as a Twin to the RAV4….I'd take it over the Rav4 any day! I think Toyota did their research with this one.


  2. It's just stupid looking.. trend over-kill. Yet I'm sure yuppie poseurs will flock to it for the facade one wears when leasing a Lexus. I'm sure Irvine Spectrum parking lot will have at least two dozen at any given time, probably in the valet section.

  3. I think this car looks great. I bet it would look even more decent in person. It's different, modern and seems to have presence. But some of the lines are a bit overkill. This will sell like hotcakes for sure.

  4. The interior looks very well put together and pleasing to the eye. The exterior? It is really disgusting to look at especially that grill.

    Ugly truly is in form over at Toyota/Lexus. And yet people keep buying them.

  5. These rinky dink things are the most worthless things on wheels, IMO. You get all the room, cargo capacity, comfort, and capabilities of a compact car, with the fuel mileage of a midsize SUV–lose-lose.

    The flares look like they're straight out of a JC Whitney catalog. And the interior, while not looking too bad (despite the color and odd detailing), looks cramped as hell.

    But they'll probably sell like mad. Because they're smart enough not to make their smallest, least expensive models their most conservative designs. (I'm thinking of you, Cadillac and Buick.)

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