2015 Nissan Murano

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The original Murano was quite a stand out when it came out.
(I don’t think the 2nd generation was able to repeat that.)

This all new 3rd generation now has to stand out not only in the market place, but within the Nissan family as well.
As it is now squeezed between the Pathfinder and Rogue.
I have not been very impressed with the Pathfinder. But the new Rogue was a real threat to the Murano.

Now the Murano looks more futuristic and luxurious than before. As it should.
But the power train is still the same. A good old CTV/3.5 Liter V6 combo.
Basically the same as Pathfinder.

Will a new look be enough?
Now that the new Rogue is just “enough SUV” for most people….

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  1. The a Rogue is nice, but it does not have enough power to load up family and stuff for a comfortable road trip. This Murano seems to have what the Rogue lacks.

  2. I'm not sure about the back end, but the front looks great. As does the interior. If they don't sell well it won't be because of the design. It makes some other automakes' SUVs look laughably outdated, IMHO.

  3. I think it looks great compared to the last gen. I can even forgive the fake rear quarter windows that provide no visibility. At least the design was incorporated well.

  4. One could argue that the new Murano is over-styled but despite that, it is so much better looking than anything Toyota, Honda and especially Lexus is producing! And the design makes sense whereas that new Lexus NX, to my eyes, does not!

  5. What's going on with that wood grain? Is it even supposed to look like wood, it looks more like (Murano) glass to me, perhaps a good tie-in? Fake wood looks cheap on most cars these days anyway.

  6. I looks like it's supposed to be bleached quarter sawn oak. I only know this because I just had a custom kitchen done in oak.

    I really like this SUV. Glad to see that Nissan is going to be offering designs with their SUVs that are both bold AND stylish. I'm not impressed with the Roque or the spazzy looking Juke. The original Murano was a breakthrough. The most recent one, not impressive. So this one will do well for Nissan

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