2015 VW GTI Price

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The all new GTI will start at $24 400.
This is for the 6 speed manual. Which will be almost impossible to get unless you order one.
Most will be actually priced at $1100 over that, which is the price of the Automatic option.

For about $3000 more, you can get the SE model with sunroof, leather, rear view camera etc…
While the top of the line $29 500 Autobahn model will only be available as a 4 door.
(And include Navigation, power seat, climate control).

$24 400 isn’t bad. But $3000 extra for sunroof and leather isn’t cheap.

Still. The GTI is both fun and very practical. A rare option these days.

I am actually interested in finding out how much the regular Golf will be.
It was only offered in a basic one level before. But now it seems that VW will be pushing it in the US.
With more versions and options available.
It is a better car than the Jetta. Based on a much more modern platform. With a much, much better interior.

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  1. Priced like a Scion RWD FR-S and loaded similar to 370Z. Or SI with more cargo which is cheaper than this.

    So it has some utility but there are better options for more cargo space. I guess if you really want that combi this might do it but pretty boring looking.

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