2015 VW Jetta

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Another disappointment. As I was expecting more.

The front end is barely new. Which, I guess is OK since it still looks just fine.

But I was really expecting a new interior. All we get is a new steering wheel and some black trim on the console.
Although the official PR BS says “updated materials”. So maybe at least it might feel better.

Otherwise the 1.8 Liter Turbo had already been introduced for 2014. The new 150Diesel is finally available.

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  1. The latest GLI is a spectacular car. The interior is really very good. So I expect that additional upgrades will be impressive.

    However, it was a mistake to ever launch a half-baked "cheap" Jetta. Because no matter how many upgrades to the mid-cycle update they add to it, it still will have a stigma of cheapness. They need to offer an all-new Jetta pronto.

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