2016 Ford Taurus/Lincoln MKS mule

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I know we have seen this one before.
But why not again…

I posted the front end of it a few weeks ago. Longer and wider than the new Fusion, while based on the same platform.

Lincoln has been doing a good job lately with their designs. making sure they don’t look like Chromed Fords anymore.
Still, unlike Infiniti and Cadillac, they don’t have their own platforms.

I guess their model is more Lexus.
Why not…

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  1. Interesting to see the days of the tall, crossover-awkward Volvo-based Five Hundred/Taurus will soon be over. Looking forward to a long, low sedan flagship from Lincoln as well!

  2. This is a good sign the current MKS has no luxury feel, the Fusion feels more luxurious than MKS so the new Taurus and new MKS will have FWD platform, it would have been awesome if the SHO comes with 3.5 EB v6 abd Aluminium chassis, it would easily kill some BMWs and Audis if this happens, sources have also confirmed that nex gen Edge and Explorer will feature Al to reduce weight inbetween 500-700 pounds

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