2016 Lincoln MKX Concept coming soon

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Lincoln will start selling cars in China really soon.
(Which is pretty much the only hope they have to make some money and save the brand right now.)

They are really praying for a “Buick Miracle” to happen over there.

They will be sending first the MKZ sedan and the new MKC SUV.
But will also soon show a concept version of the next generation MKX.
Which we can see in the teaser video above.

The MKC is very nice looking in person. And the new concept also looks great.
Maybe Lincoln is on to something. Instead of chasing Cadillac, running after BMW/Mercedes.
They could be the American Lexus…

Another larger sedan is also coming next.

I believe this is the front end of the new large sedan Lincoln is working on.
(Whether they call it MKS or not…)
Attached to a stretched version of the current Ford Fusion on this test mule caught last month.
And I think this might very well be the production version of the next MKX.
Coming up with good and good looking cars is just the 1st step.
Buick is still having a tough time in the US convincing a younger audience.
And I had a 1st hand experience with Cadillac’s image when I test drove the ATS for a whole week a few moths ago.
Most of the younger people I talked to and showed the car to (I am even including some in their early 40’s) told me they would never even consider a Cadillac. Even if it is as good as the German competition.
As we live in a world where image is about as important as the actual product.
Quite a stupid and illogical behavior, but at the same time, a though reality for car makers who spent decades trashing their own image with crappy cars…

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  1. Doesn't look like the MKC's wrap around tailgate is going to make it to the MKX. Shame. It's a great feature that really makes the MKC look upscale.

  2. three items left on Lincoln's list of To-Do's:
    1. improve interiors. the no-button, haptic feedback center stacks look cheap, not plush. And they don't work all that well.
    2. Better naming convention. MKZ, MKC, MKX, MKS – who but a Lincoln salesperson could identify the model with this impenetrable "system". Even Infiniti's idiotic Qxx thing is a little better.
    3. Make mid- and top-tier vehicles RWD, or AWD only, but with RWD axel-to-dash space. Gussied-up FWD cars do not fare well in the luxury market above a certain price point.

    I'm sure Lincoln would love to do this but probably never will. But until/unless they do – Lincoln is stuck begging for scraps.

  3. I think Lincoln will make more of an impact on the US market with the MkC and redesigned MkX. The MkC is a great looking entry in the premium compact crossover segment and I believe the design of the next gen MkX will be an appealing entry in the premium midsize crossover segment. The US market seems to prefer crossovers and Lincoln will soon have 2 solid entries in the segment that should improve the brand's fortunes here.

    I also think it's a smart move to introduce the Lincoln brand in China. I think the current MkZ, upcoming MkC, and next gen MkX will sell well there and establish Lincoln as a credible premium brand in that market.

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