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 So the all new Cruze was delayed for the US, but not in China…
What a shame.

China is getting this all new model this year, and all we are getting is an awkward “refresh’ of the old one.
Some people have mentioned that the new “Chinese Cruze” is actually a specific, shorter model for that country.
Which makes zero sense. Since this is the car we have seen testing around the globe for such a long time now.
This IS the new Cruze.

Here are the prototypes that have been caught for what seems almost 2 years now.
They are the same car that the one being presented in China this week.
And the one we are getting here eventually.

How sad GM chose to sell the equivalent of a warmed up TV dinner to the US. Instead of a brand new model…

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  1. I'm not sure why, but I believe our front end will be slightly different (my guess is a larger upper grill opening, more chrome, and some Sonic-like headlights). The US Cruze is dated, and was since the day it was unveiled, but it's more handsome–more upscale looking–IMO. At least it was before the terrible refresh they announced.

    As far as waiting goes, GM can't afford any more botched launches like the Malibu received. It's got to be competitive from the start.

  2. If it comes here like this, I see it being popular with fleet shoppers and a slightly, if not much less affluent demographic than today's car.

    The front end is a generic wreck (never thought I would say this, but the 06-08 Malibu grill was better executed); the rear, with it's trunk mounted CHMSL and characterless taillights, a cluttered mess; the side profile, one part Dodge Dart, one Forte, one Hyundai. The result: a watered-down, low-rent version of three cars that will be very familiar, if not very tired looking by the time this thing goes on sale here.

    Call me biased but there's literally nothing in GM's entire lineup, except maybe the Volt, that I can say I would consider purchasing today–NOTHING is as it could or should be (the Volt included). I'm not saying everybody else is hitting it out of the park, but GM as a car company (not to mention GM "the corporation") does nothing for me. Sad, because up until a year or two ago I was a huge supporter. I guess I'm not alone, though.

  3. ^The hood creases just look ridiculous. They probably stiffen it though. And enable them to use thinner sheetmetal, save weight, and make more money. None of the creases will stand out like they do in this photoshopped nonsense.

  4. The refreshed old one is really awkward.

    The real new model is somewhat better but not very sleek and modern. It could have been a 2011 model. The grille does not align with the headlights very well.

    It's a Cruze but made up of Malibu grille, Impala crease, Lancer headlights and the rest is very bland for a 2016 model.

  5. What a sleek looking compact sedan! It totally outclasses the exterior design of the current Cruze!

    Didn't GM delay the current Cruze for the US market because they wanted to ensure it had the proper level of refinement for US customers? If that's the case with the next gen Cruze as well, then I think it's a smart move.That being said, I wish the US market would have received the same exterior updates on the current Cruze that they applied to the Chinese market version of the current Cruze, especially the Malibu inspired rear end.

  6. Ours will have a different grille. Notice that in the spy shots you posted, you can see the bow tie in the crossbar.

  7. Honda Civic meets Hyundai Elantra and have a baby with a Malibu Nose. Current Cruze is more attractive.

  8. GM said they held off introducing the next generation Cruze in the U.S. because the current model is selling very well. I have read on other sites that we will be getting the next generation in 2016 as a 2017 model. I'm glad they are introducing it in China first so they can get the first year bugs worked out before they sell it here. Time will tell if ours has a longer wheel base than the one the Chinese get.

  9. The current Cruze is a very nice car. The refresh makes it even nicer. But, why do Chinese keep getting longer versions? Are they taller or something? Or are they seeking more comfort than the bicycles they used to ride?

  10. The Chinese get longer versions so they can stretch out in the back during 18-day traffic jams. And, because that little bit of extra knee-room is a sign of status. It probably prevents many components from being imported from other countries, and insures development work in their country.

  11. I'm sorry but aren't we all missing the obvious here – that being that the new model looks like crap!? What a boring, dated design for a brand new model.

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